Julie Luoma: Teacher Spotlight

Meet Julie Luoma!

Julie is a second year vendor and instructor at Sew Magical Florida Expo, who was originally introduced to Sew Magical at a quilt show.

Even though Julie’s mother was a seamstress, she didn’t learn her skills from her. She found herself picking up items around the house and using anything she could find. She has always loved crafting and creating things and she even remembers making a dress for her dolls out of toilet paper. She doesn’t like to label herself as a “traditional” or “modern” quilter. She just likes to be herself and creates things that she enjoys!

“We are ‘living the dream.’ When my husband was very unexpectedly laid off after nearly 30 years at his job, we decided to take the severance package and do the two things we had always dreamed of doing:  Working together and seeing the USA. We make tools for quilters to use and we travel the US to quilt shows to sell and teach. It’s been quite the adventure!”

Her business, Off the Wall Quilt, was created by her and her husband Rick Luoma and they are based in Deltona, Florida. Julie claims she fell into quilting…almost accidentally! It all started in 2010 and now the pair travels the country meeting other quilters and sharing knowledge. Quilting is now their full time job, but don’t think they’re limited to just quilting. They also are producers of acrylic rulers including AnglePlay Templates, Ruler Magic, Cheryl Ann’s Design Walls and much more.

Click the image to see their website!

They have a shop full of items on their site ranging from longarm rulers to drip rigs. Julie has years of experience in crafting and wants to continue to share her passion by teaching at the Sew Magical Florida Expo!

Her class will focus on the acrylic templates that are showcased at her business, but what she’s really excited about is teaching how to use tools to help bring out creativity in each of her class participants. 

“My big goal for each class is that every student is having fun. It doesn’t matter to me what they produce, as long as it’s with laughter and lots of  ‘Ah Ha!’ moments.”

Come meet Julie and the rest of the teachers at Sew Magical Florida Expo 2022! Only a few days left till the big event…

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