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We can all help!

SME Florida 2022

Going forward, we want to incorporate into each expo a way to giveback!

Below you’ll find the existing charity or ways you can giveback during each expo.

If you have one you’d like us to add, please reach out to us at support@sewmagicalexpo.com

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Items not accepted:

  • -Infants booties
  • -Socks without non-skid pads

Accepted handmade items:

  • -Any crocheted or knitted blankets/sweaters/hat will be for antepartum mom’s use only
  • -Sewn hats for newborns (no crochet or knitted items)
  • -Sewn Newborn ICU infant incubator blankets that are placed over the incubator (not the infant).  These items may not be crocheted or knitted
  • -Any size blanket (not crocheted or knitted)
  • -Purses, wallet, totes, zippered pouches, etc. for any age children and sometimes antepartum moms
  • -Disney themed ears since Disney is a hospital sponsor (Please keep in mind children/choking hazards like magnet, etc. should not be placed in the item)
  • -Children themed pillow cases (not knitted or crocheted)
  • -Socks w/ non-skid pads for bigger kids any size (not knitted or crocheted)
  • -Pillow cases appropriate for the moms in antepartum that are sometimes hospitalized for months

Where to drop off:

  • -On Saturday and Sunday you can drop off items in front of Vendor Hall 2 at the information booth
  • -If you are only coming on Friday, please drop your items off at the SME check-in desk
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