Destash Bash & More

How does it work?

The Destash Bash!

Have an overflow of scraps, fabric, notions, trims, or supplies you just don’t want to use anymore? Bring them to SME to join our Destash Bash!

How does it work?

  • Bring sewing and crafting related items clearly labeled with your name (see below for limitations)
  • Items donated will give you “points”
  • Points vary based on the category the item falls into (see table below for examples)
  • You can use your points to shop in the Destash Bash!
  • Each point = $1, so if you don’t donate, you can buy your points
  • If you don’t use up your points, they can be transferred to the next expo Destash Bash
  • ***Limitations: All items need to come free of pet dander, no smell of smoke, and in lightly used condition. Please no boxes or items that potentially have insects, mold, mildew, or major damage. We will not award any points for items brought in that cannot be used in the Destash Bash. This is at the discretion of the SM Staff and Volunteers.
  • ***Limitations: Please do not bring in more than 2 large boxes worth of items to the expo. If you have a large donation to make please hit the Contact Us button to schedule a drop-off or shipment prior to SME.

The Raffle Table

Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the Check-In desk and Swag Booth. Each person is required to be present to claim prizes. Please see the SME Schedule for the location you are attending for exact times of the Raffle drawing.

How does it work?

  • You’ll hand over your items to the SME staff member; no one except SME staff are allowed inside The Closet for security purposes
  • The SME staff member will put a tag on your items that identifies them as your belongings
  • You will be allowed unlimited check-ins and check-outs throughout the duration of your ticket
  • To checkout your items, present your ticket and ID to the SME staff member so they can verify your identity and provide you with your items
  • All VIP categories get access to The Closet all weekend
  • Day passes and All Weekend passes for the Closet will be available at the Check-In desk and Swag Booth

The Swag Booth

Here we will have merchandise to purchase related to the Expo. Items will include, but not limited to: Apparel, Fabric, Stickers, and hats! The coolest part of The Swag Booth, is that most the apparel is made-on-demand! So you get to pick your clothing type, color, and size, then pick the EXACT design you want from our design booklet. Pre-orders on Fabric and specific apparel types will also be available.

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