About Us

What is Sew Magical Expo?

An immersive weekend of classes, vendors, inspiration, and getting to meet or hangout with like-minded people! Sew Magical hosts an array sewing and crafting events curated specifically for creatives. From immersive 3-day expos with tons of classes and vendors, to cruises for relaxation and creativity.



Learn something new or practice a skill you already know. We have classes for all skill levels and a large variety of topics that are both magical and broad spectrum.

Each Sew Magical Expo hosts over 50 hands-on classes in the 3-day event. Presentations & Demos are held on The Stage and are available to any type of ticket holder. Sew Magical at Sea typically holds 4-8 classes depending on the length of cruise.

Upcoming Classes
  • 2022 Florida SME class information and schedule has been released! Check it out by click the button below!
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Vendors & Sponsors

From fabric stores, machine vendors, custom designers, to finished goods, we are will have a select amount of vendors for you to shop from.

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Inspiration Hall

This hall showcases the works from our guests, teachers, and vendors to help inspire you for your next project or idea! Check out items from historical costumes, cosplay, quilts, and more.


Fashion Show

Each year at the Sew Magical Expo Fashion Show our guests blow us away with some amazing makes! From Cosplays and Historical Costumes, to Quilts and Embroidered Jean Jackets, there's so much inspiration to view. Plus, there are prizes!!!

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Gathering of The Minds

In 2021, we had over 500 people who all love something similar come together. They bonded over small craft rooms, dreaming of new machines, crafting types, choosing crafting over cleaning, and hiding packages from loved ones. We even had spouses bond in an almost support group type! We have random meetups created by our guests and posted as events on our Facebook group.

Make sure to check them out and join at will!