Tips and Tricks for Your First Sew Magical Expo

We appreciate all our teachers and vendors so much we only thought it was right that you got the advice straight from them. Attending a Sew Magical Expo can seem overwhelming, but our experts know exactly how to make the experience as easy as possible. Here are some tips and tricks from our past teachers and vendors!

When asked about her favorite moment from SME, Jessica VanDenburgh from Sew Many Creations, detailed her experience as a first time attendee. 

“This past November was my first time attending SME in any capacity. I made some amazing connections and really enjoyed meeting other designers. I also met some existing customers and acquired some new ones which is always a good thing! I definitely felt super inspired when I got home to try some new things and continue expanding my business.”

One thing all teachers and vendors can agree on, is to have a positive, welcoming attitude

This expo is to help share interests and passions with likeminded people, so don’t be afraid to talk to anyone! This is a chance for you to exchange ideas and help grow your own business. 

Lauren Mormino from More Me Know, talks about how her experience at Sew Magical Expo was a positive one.

“Everyone there is just so excited to be in a room full of crafty humans that get excited about the same stuff! Kayla does her best to make sure vending is affordable for new businesses etc, and she cares so much about everyone enjoying their time! It’s the best and I cannot wait to continue attending for the next 70 years of my life!”

So, what does a typical day at the expo look like? Your morning starts early with waking up and double checking you have everything for the day; products, fabric, or an extra ruler (you can never have too many). You walk to your spot, whether that be to a classroom or the vendor hall, and you talk to everyone around you while you set up for the day. 

As the day goes on, you’ve talked to so many people your voice is strained and you have collected so many freebies that your bag is overflowing. You’ve learned a new sewing pattern that you can’t wait to take home and practice. You wave at friends you’ve made while passing them between classrooms. 

At the end of the day, you’re tired and you desperately need to put your feet up, but it was worth all the new connections you made in the crafting community. You feel like you’re a part of something that’s bigger than yourself. Whether you’re a small business looking for new opportunities or just a passionate crafter that wants to learn new skills, you’ve met at least one person that has something in common with you.

As we look back on the year of 2022, we have a lot to be thankful for. The continuous support from the community and the welcoming businesses that have decided to work with us. See you at our next expo in Texas on February 17th-19th!

Author: Anna Franklin

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