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This is for ready-to-ship 18" rolls of vinyl fabric (faux leather).  

Additional Information

Additional information

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Hibiscus Purple SME, Hibiscus Purple Ducky, Hibiscus Teal Ducky, Hibiscus Black Ducky, Hibiscus Black SME, Hibiscus White Ducky, Ducky Ropes Teal, SME Ropes Teal, Anchors Ropes Purple, Anchors Ropes Tan, Anchors Ropes Lime Purple, SME Ropes Tan, Hibiscus Ropes Teal, Hibiscus Ropes Purple, Red & Gray Waves, Red Wall, SME Hibiscus Coral, SME Boot Hibiscus Black, Boot Maroon, SME Boot Hibiscus Pink, SME Hibiscus Brown, SME Hibiscus Maroon, SME Boot Hibiscus Brown, Crawfish Duckies Purple, Crawfish Duckies White, Fleur SME Teal

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