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A description and rules for each Meet-up and Exchange is listed below.

Drop-Off Exchanges
Swap Meets
In Person Exchanges

Each Meetup is catered towards the subject and some may have fun activities involved.

Sew Disney Meet-up (Friday 4-5pm)

Salty Sews Everything but the Machine Tote Meet-up (Friday 11:30am-12:30pm)- Come join Debbie and Sara of Salty Sews to show off your one of a kind Everything But The Machine tote! We will have a door prize raffle and you can also enter your tote into our favorites competition for more prizes! 

If you haven’t made one yet, stop by to see what the fuss is about!

Each Drop Off Exchange includes the subject items (i.e. Ornaments, keyfobs, etc) to be dropped off at the Exchange Drop Off Box near the check-in desk before noon on Saturday, Sept 23, 2023. Then return to the same place before the closing event and raffle on Sunday between 3:00pm-5:00pm. You will receive back the subject that someone else has made. The quantities listed are the minimum required to participate. If you bring more (make sure ornaments are in sets of 5) you will get back the number that you brought.

Christmas Ornaments (General)- Set of 5

Christmas Ornaments (Disney)- Set of 5

Luggage Tag- 1

Key Fobs- 1

MeetMav Pack- 1

Swap Meets:

Sticker Anxiety Support Group and Swap (Saturday 6-7pm): 

Got Sticker Anxiety? Join your fellow Sticker Anxious guests to swap stickers, chat about your favorites, and maybe conquer your Sticker Anxiety. Maybe. At the very least you’ll know you aren’t alone. 

Zipper Tape and Pulls (Sunday 1-2pm):

Do you have zipper tape and pulls sitting around you know you’ll never use? Maybe you got some for a specific project and have leftovers. Bring them to this swap and maybe find a new treasure to trade.

All In-Person Exchanges are "Dirty Santa" style.

Let's talk RULES!

1) Make your bag according to the exchange parameters and include any gifts indicated.

2) Now wrap it. Please find a unique, crafty way to wrap your bag. You could use a gift bag with a crafty theme, or wrap the exchange in a yard of fabric. You get the idea.

3) Bring your creation to the exchange at the appropriate time!

What's going to happen when you get there.

1) you will place your exchange creation on a table and take a number. Don't lose your number because you need it to know when it's your turn to choose.

2) We will place all the numbers in a hat and draw out a number. The person holding that number gets to come up and pick a wrapped exchange. Then, they have to unwrap the exchange and show everyone what they got. That person gets to keep the wrapping, but they may or may not get to keep the bag. I'll explain as we go along.

3) The second number is drawn from the bag. That person can either choose from the table and follow the example of the first person, or they can choose to "steal" the bag from the person. (See where the "Dirty Santa" part comes in?) If this second person chooses from the table, they will open their exchange, keep the wrappings and sit down to see if they actually get to keep what they chose.

4) We continue drawing numbers and folks keep choosing from the table or "Stealing" from someone else. But, when a bag is in the hands of a third person it is "dead" and that person gets to keep it, it can't be "stolen" from them. No matter if someone "steals" a bag from you, you still get to keep the wrappings. That's why the wrappings matter, it's another gift!

5) If a bag is "stolen” from you, then you get to go back to the table and choose another, or "steal" from someone else. You may not "Steal" from the person who just stole from you.

6) We continue like this through much merriment until all the numbers have been chosen and everyone has wrappings, as well as the bag. Then, in a twisted ending, the person who's number was called first gets to "steal" from anyone, whether that exchange was "dead" or not. It really pays to be drawn first !Please note: If we have a large turn out, we reserve the right to place time limits on choosing, or the right to split the group into more manageable groups so that we can get this done during the one hour time slot and not be late for our next classes.Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Below are the unique Rules for each In-Person Exchange:

Linds Handmade Designs (Saturday 6:30-7:30pm):

Make a bag from any of Linds Handmade Patterns. Fill the bag with Non-Alcoholic treats from your home state. Wrap it according to the “Dirty Santa” rules and bring it with you to the exchange. 

Boozie Bags (21+ ONLY) (Saturday 1-2pm)-

Make any bag you want. It can be a little bag, a big bag, or a schmedium bag. It can be embroidered, sewn, or otherwise crafted. Feel free to use a more adult theme on the bag since this is a 21 and older only event. Now, add booze. This can be a mini bottle of liquor, full size bottle of liquor, or a bottle of wine local to you. Entirely your choice. Finally, wrap your gift according to the “Dirty Santa” rules and bring it with you to the exchange.

OklaRooties (Sunday 2-3pm)- 

Make any bag that Jess has made a video for. Check out her YouTube channel, there are dozens of bags to choose from! Wrap your gift according to the “Dirty Santa” rules and bring it with you to the exchange.

ITH Embroidery Bags (Friday 1-2pm)-

Make any bag, by any designer, in any size. It just has to be done ITH on your embroidery machine. Wrap your gift according to the “Dirty Santa” rules and bring it with you to the exchange. 

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