Florida Teachers

A: Each class should have the ability for you to go in and set up about 15 min prior to your class start. Please be considerate of the teachers before and after you.
A: Check against the latest schedule and maps for your classes.
A: There is a cost to park, but you get a 50% discount on self-parking. The self-parking rates to fluctuate, so please head to https://updates.gaylordhotels.com/WelcomeToGaylordPalms for the latest rates. You can obtain your parking discount card from SME Check-In Desk. If you are staying the night at Gaylord Palms, your parking cost goes to your room and your discount should be automatically applied there. There is parking locations available for trailers or oversized vehicles towards the back of the resort. At the bottom of this page is a map of where the parking locations are and the bus loop.
A: Check out the Walking Tour Video for a visual reference: https://youtu.be/ytAuodmAYPY of a location of all our rooms for 2022 at Gaylord Palms. Vendors can be located at: https://www.sewmagicalexpo.com/florida-2023-vendors/ Information on Gaylord Palms, rooms, etc can be found at: https://www.sewmagicalexpo.com/florida-2023-hotel/
A: When you arrive to Gaylord, you’ll check in with one of our staff at the SME Check-In desk. At that time, you’ll receive your badge and lanyards for yourself and your teacher assistant. Please note, that if you’re a vendor+teacher, you’ll receive a different badge and will receive that during vendor setup. If you purchased the VIP upgrade, you’ll be able to grab your shirts and Welcome Bags from the SME Check-In desk (the one our guests use) on either Friday or Saturday.
A: This year we wanted to show our appreciation to our vendors and teachers for participating in Sew Magical Expo. Join us on Friday, starting at 8:30pm until 10pm, in the Desoto foyer area (right in front of Vendor Hall 1). There will be a slew of yummy desserts and a cash bar that even has some special dessert based drinks. There is no specific attire, and you can come after 8:30pm if you’d like. This is open to you and your staff! Come mingle with your fellow vendors & teachers. Feel free to bring business cards and network as well!
A: Each classroom will have a projector, projector screen, microphone, and camera hooked up to the projector. There is also a set of irons, wool mats, cutting mats, and rulers. * Projectors: The projectors we use can be found here: https://a.co/d/0l3L6Ti * Microphones: The mics we use can be found here: https://a.co/d/j5T13fZ Note – If you’re bringing a laptop to use with the project, please make sure you have the ability to hookup via USB. We have a couple dongles that can be used but not enough for every classroom.
A: You can get into any of the classrooms start at 7:30am each day. If there is a gap on the classroom schedule of 30 min, you can also go into that room as well. The only room that is not accessible is Classroom D.
A: Starting Friday at 1pm, you’ll be able to store class kits for the day in The Closet (Kissimmee room by Vendor Hall 1).
A: You teacher payment is $30 per class and will be sent to you via paypal by Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Please send your W-9 to support@sewmagicalexpo.com so that we can also send your 1099.
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