Thank you for your interest in renting a machine from us!

Please fill out the data below for your machine rental reservation. We will answer these on a first come, first serve basis.

This is a request for a reservation only. No payment is taken at this time. Instructions on pickup and payment will come one week prior to expo.

  • Machines Available: Brother Pacesetters 500 (have straight and zig-zag stitches) domestic sewing machine
  • What is included: The machine and basic accessories (standard feet, foot pedal, power cord, etc), One empty bobbin, One universal needle (if it breaks, please ask for a replacement from staff where you picked up machine), Technical Assistance. All items (including bobbin) must be returned at end of agreed-to rental period.
  • Costs: $25 per class (this includes Lunch Break times each day), OR $60 per day (7:45am – 9pm each day or 4pm Sunday), OR $150 all weekend
Machine Rental Form – FL '22 SME