Q: Do I need a physical ticket?

A: When you head to the SME Check-In Desk, you’ll just need your name and ticket type so that the team can look you up and provide you your admission items.

***Have a digital proof of purchase on your mobile device just in case there are any issues or you have a name change.

All guests, excluding No-Class Pass ticket holders, will receive a lanyard and badge upon check-in. No-Class Pass ticket holders will receive an arm-band.

Q: Where is the Check-In Desk?

A: The SME Check-In Desk is located near Vendor Hall 1 in the Desoto rooms of the Convention Center. See the Walking Tour Video for a visual reference: https://youtu.be/ytAuodmAYPY

Q: Where do I park?

A: Head to the Convention Center parking area of Gaylord Palms for the closest and most convenient parking location.

Q: Do I have to pay to park? Is there a discount?

A: There is a cost to park, but you get a 50% discount on self-parking!

The self-parking rates to fluctuate, so please head to https://updates.gaylordhotels.com/WelcomeToGaylordPalms for the latest rates.

You can obtain your parking discount card from SME Check-In Desk. If you are staying the night at Gaylord Palms, your parking cost goes to your room and your discount should be automatically applied there.

Q: What time can I check in with SME?

A: Check-in for SME starts each day (Fri-Sun) at 7:30am EST and runs until 5pm EST.

All Schedules, opening/closing times, etc can be found at: https://www.sewmagicalexpo.com/florida-schedule/

Q: I signed up for classes, but my account doesn’t have the times. How do I find this?

A: While we’re improving our website, please go ahead and send an email to support@sewmagicalexpo.com so our team can send you your class information.

Q: What time do the Vendor Halls open?

A: You can see the opening and closing times of all our exhibits, vendor halls, and more at: https://www.sewmagicalexpo.com/florida-schedule/

Q: Can I bring a rolling bag or wagon?

A: Yes! Gaylord property allows for our guests to have wagons, and rolling bags.

You can store these items in The Closet as well, which is located in the Kissimmee room right near our Vendor Hall 1 in the Convention Center.

Q: Where are the classrooms? The Vendor Halls? The exhibits?

A: Check out the Walking Tour Video for a visual reference: https://youtu.be/ytAuodmAYPY of a location of all our rooms for 2022 at Gaylord Palms.

Vendor Hall Maps can be located at the bottom of our Vendors page at: https://www.sewmagicalexpo.com/florida-vendors-2022/

Maps of parking, Gaylord Palms, rooms, etc will be released on Saturday 10/29/22