• Tips and Tricks for Your First Sew Magical Expo

    We appreciate all our teachers and vendors so much we only thought it was right that you got the advice straight from them. Attending a Sew Magical Expo can seem overwhelming, but our experts know exactly how to make the experience as easy as possible. Here are some tips and tricks from our past teachers and vendors! When asked about her favorite moment from SME, Jessica VanDenburgh from Sew Many Creations, detailed her experience as […]

  • Nicole Neales: Teacher Spotlight

    Meet Nicole Neales! Nicole is a first year teacher at Sew Magical Expo and heard about us through another teacher. We are so excited she will be joining us this year!  Her experience with crafting started back when she was only in fifth grade. Over the years her love for crafting grew which led her to start her business, SoGnar. It started off as a personal art page on Instagram and then turned into a […]

  • Katherine Maldonado: Teacher Spotlight

    Meet Katherine Maldonado! Katherine is a first year vendor and instructor for Sew Magical Florida Expo, but her experience started years ago when she first started making her own bags. She’s always had a passion for all things crafting but she decided five years ago she wanted to learn a new skill- sewing. After finding her new interest in sewing, she then started her business, Sew Your Bag. “Sew Your Bag is a subscription box […]

  • Julie Luoma: Teacher Spotlight

    Meet Julie Luoma! Julie is a second year vendor and instructor at Sew Magical Florida Expo, who was originally introduced to Sew Magical at a quilt show. Even though Julie’s mother was a seamstress, she didn’t learn her skills from her. She found herself picking up items around the house and using anything she could find. She has always loved crafting and creating things and she even remembers making a dress for her dolls out […]

  • Teacher Spotlights for Florida Sew Magical Expo 2022

    Welcome to the Sew Magical Expo blog! Here you will find a wide variety of articles talking about our story, merch updates, and more! We love to interact with our consumers, so please leave a comment down below and don’t be afraid to ask any questions. But, enough about us. We want to focus on our greatest assets- our teachers! For the next few weeks, our blog will be dedicated to the people who have […]